Stop Smoking

  • It is never too late to quit smoking
  • Take control of this bad habit
  • Break the negative behavior and limiting thinking associated with smoking


  • Overcome shyness and enjoy meeting new people
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Correcting non-organic male impotence
  • Get over a past relationship
  • Improve relationship with parents, children, significant others

Pain Management

  • Reduce and control chronic pain
  • Phantom limb syndrome
  • Prepare to surgery

Stress Relief

  • Remove erroneous beliefs contributing to stress
  • Learn techniques to  cope with everyday stressors

Past Life Regression

  • Explore previous lifetimes
  • Discover skills and talents of a past life personality and merge with present self
  • Renegotiate past life contracts to heal current relationship
  • Discover and heal past life trauma that became a root cause of today’s issues